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You will receive translations which are impeccable on a linguistic and stylistic level, whether they are from the field of general language or the following areas of specialization:


  • Law: Contracts, agreements, lawyer's briefs, indictments, orders of summary punishment, articles of association, court decisions regarding divorce, maintenance, custody, inheritance, adoption, etc.
  • Economy: Financial statements, annual reports, excerpts from the commercial register, real estate records, business letters, commercial correspondence, etc.
  • Banking & Finance: Portfolio strategies, stock information, ratings, fact sheets, etc.

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  • Documents / Certificates: Birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of inheritance, powers of attorney, school reports, leaving certificates, employment recommendations, application documents, diplomas, certificates of no impediment to marriage, certificates of naturalization, passports, identity cards, certificates of good conduct, etc.
  • Promotion and Marketing: PR texts, press releases, leaflets, etc.
  • Fashion, Apparel, Jewelry: Brochures, catalogues, web sites, sales training for employees, etc.
  • Medicine: In case of medical texts, I collaborate with

Certified translations are generally necessary for submissions to authorities. 

The certification may only be performed by a publicly appointed and generally sworn translator. A certification is the official confirmation that the text has been translated in a correct and complete manner, and contains the seal and signature of the translator. If you intend to use the translated document abroad, e.g. for the purchase/sale of real estate, some countries require an apostille. The apostille is a certification of the translator’s signature by the President of the Regional Court at the translator’s place of residence.

I will check your translated texts for mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation. If you wish, I will also perform stylistic corrections, if required.