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I have been successfully working with Graduate Translator Brigitte Schreyer since 2003. Mrs. Schreyer has translated documents, certificates and letters of recommendation for my colleagues and me into English and Spanish or from those languages into German. In addition, she has translated and corrected scientific publications into English on a regular basis. Mrs. Schreyer has always been extremely reliable, her translations were excellent and never gave cause for complaints.
We will definitely continue our collaboration with Mrs. Schreyer in the future.
Dr. Joachim Nitschke, Assistant Senior Consultant, Ansbach District Clinic

I have had the pleasure of working with Brigitte Schreyer for the past 20 years. As a native speaker of English, I am consistently impressed by the accuracy and fluency of her language skills. Her translations are of native speaker quality, and cover a great variety of fields. Her work reflects her meticulous attention to style, proficiency and punctuality. I can't imagine a more reliable source for tailor-made translations!
Dr. Andrea Adelung

Brigitte Schreyer and I have been working together since the summer of 2005. She has done numerous translations from English into German for me, with most of these being highly challenging texts from the finance and investment sector, among other sectors. (…)
I have found Brigitte Schreyer to be an outstanding professional in every way. Her work is marked by accuracy, a feel for the appropriate style of language, thorough research and utmost reliability. Her pleasant personality makes it a great pleasure to work with her. (…)
I highly recommend Brigitte Schreyer with no reservations to potential customers and colleagues.
Monika Roehl, American Language Service

I know Ms. Schreyer as an absolutely reliable, experienced and professional translator. She always delivers translations of the highest quality and handles even short-term orders punctually and perfectly.  I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the excellent cooperation over many years! I warmly recommend Ms. Schreyer to anyone who needs legal, financial and economic translations.  Her work is characterised by accuracy, a feel for the right style of language, thorough research and absolute reliability. Clients and colleagues alike value her very much, and she is often requested specifically for translation projects. Working with her is always a pleasure.
Andrea Hechtl, Hechtl Translations